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I'm not dead

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 21, 2015, 6:07 PM
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Life is so hectic.  I'm online some, but I don't do much.  I don't really do much art.  My dad just had a massive heart attack (100% blockage, and it was entirely unforeseen) and there have been some other traumatic bumps this year.  (My life, heh.)  But MAYBE THINGS WILL LOOK UP.  Maybe.  Some things have improved massively in the past couple of months, if nothing else.  Anyway, I do have things I want to do--a whole to-do list of art of varying kinds.  And I'm trying to remember all the art that I've promised people over the years to add to the list. difficult.  So, if I've said definitely that I will do something and haven't done it, tell me here.  (I MAY ask for proof if I really can't remember, and I have a rather good memory, so don't try to sneak a scam on me.)  

Here's some things I have made plans for/said that I would do at some point:
:bulletblack:  Clarobell  A Luffy Yoshi, and some...thing...with all the strawhats as plushies on a shelf...I think one had caught toy Usopp by the nose (he had fallen off the shelf).  You'll have to re-detail that one for me, because I don't remember precisely...and there's a new strawhat since that request, you'll need to let me know if you want Brooke in there, too.  And if I've forgotten anything else.  I do forget, despite an okay memory.
:bulletblack:  008kenichijouji  I'm pretty sure I've said I am going to do something for you.  Or possibly in trade.  I DON'T REMEMBER.
:bulletblack:  InkyChimp  I'm pretty sure we have something I said I'd do.  I...don't remember....nope....
:bulletblack:  SirCrocodile  We've talked more than once of a trade but haven't solidified ideas.  I still have to reply to that last comment about it, hahaha.  Lack of time...  If there's anything else that I've forgotten, let me know.

If there's anyone or anything I said, let me know.

So, there's a new King's Quest game coming out very soon.  I'm somewhat out of gaming, but, KING'S QUEST.  KING'S.  QUEST.  KING'S QUEEEEEST.  YEAAAAAAAAH.  
...That being said, I'm not sure if I'll get it?  The voice cast seems AMAZING from the trailers (CHRISTOPHER LLOYD AS GRAHAM WHAT.)  A stellar voice cast is really the way to go after KQVI, the pinnacle of the series.  But the humour seems pretty juvenile.  BUT...they said they wanted to keep the humour, the puzzles, and specifically noted that they'd have plenty of ways to die.  That's a King's Quest staple, death.  So perhaps it won't be so bad.  But it's about forty dollars on Steam.  But....King's Quest.  A new King's Quest is a bigger deal than a new F-Zero.  And a new F-Zero would be mind-blowingly satisfying.  
So, I remain torn.  
(Torn, and wishing someone would remake KQIV already........)  
If anyone gets it, do let me know if it's worth my time, or if it's a plop.  

In other news, I showcased almost all my ACEOs and sculpey minis at a coffee shop to sell them.
Said coffee shop packed up and moved without a word.
Conveniently will not return my FB messages.
I feel so screwed.
Certainly, I know where they are now.  But I doubt that will help a lot.  In the last message they replied to, they said they gave every seller thirty days' notice on a sign on their shop.  I didn't come in THAT often, because I only recently got a car and license.  But they had my business card (it's only good form to give your card if you have your items on display there, SO THEY CAN CONTACT YOU) and they have Facebook...on which they said nary a peep about their sudden move.  (Honestly, the entire community was just as confused about the sudden departure as I was.  No explanation has been given.)  I never actually sold anything there, but despite the fact that I dislike coffee, I bought an overpriced drink every time I dropped by.  Why?  I LIKE supporting small businesses.  I really do.  I rooted for them, despite their poor choice of initial locale (that city is a dump).  But the fact that they aren't replying is frustrating.  It's frustrating.  While I don't price my art very high (the highest priced item was probably $17?) there were multiple items, some of which had massive effort put into them.  That's a loss of time, effort, materials...  And apparently I'm not going to get it back.  
Basically, I said all that for two reasons:  one, I did need to vent a bit about it.  My art is not something I like to lose without money coming back around to compensate for the trauma.  Two, those of my friends who pray could offer up a little pray regarding that.  I WOULD like to see my items again.  Some of them I haven't even posted here yet, and they weren't half bad.  Ah well.

Praying friends, continue to pray for my wacky life.  Thanks, and have a lovely day.

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